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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Repost - Regarding Your Children!

As I'm away from my family...missing them deeply, I think about them nonstop. My wife Helen consumes my thoughts as I try and support my family with work that takes me here and far. I count every minute until I get home. I physically labor at my work and mentally work at strategizing how I will spend my time with Aiden my son. Planning, scheming, and praying is my internal work. My fire was fueled by the following post on the Ligonier Blog:

Time is the currency

This is my simple agenda to ensure I am actively and intimately involved in the lives of my children: Read, Pray, Work, Play. I must read God's Word to and with my children regularly. We must bear each others' burdens in prayer and worship the Lord together at his throne of grace. My children need my positive, encouraging involvement in their work (and they need an invitation into some of mine). And we need to bind our hearts with laughter and joy in shared play, both one-on-one and as a complete family. This all requires time, for time is the currency with which I purchase the right to say, "My son, my daughter, give me your heart."
p. 103 from The Masculine Mandate (Reformation Trust, 2010)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell - Inevitably Here To Stay

Douglas Wilson always has something interesting to say regarding ever changing/never changing political ethos. His recent post titled Political Kabuki is no different. Wilson writes of the inevitability of the military's don't ask don't tell policy on homosexuals. Though someday overturned don't ask don't tell will be applied to someone, he writes this:
The issue before the house is not whether or not to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." This whole thing is one of those pesky inescapable concepts, and this means that the debate before us is this -- to which group will we apply "don't ask, don't tell"? It is not whether, but which. The homosexuals or the evangelicals?...Somebody will be disciplined inevitably, and we are talking about which group it will be.
Wilson goes on to make the point that the question isn't about the soldier-to-soldier relationships, it goes deeper than that. He goes on to write this:
I am asking if the serviceman who is evangelical will be permitted to witness to his fellow serviceman, who is now out of the closet. Will he be allowed to believe that homosexuality is a sin that God will judge at the last day? Sure. Don't ask. Will he be allowed to call his fellow serviceman to repentance? Surely not. Don't tell.
These questions should be the first and foremost questions on minds of Americans as well as the troops rooted in the Christian faith, not to mention Chaplains. Can they preach out of the whole bible...what about Romans? He sums up his point here:
Don't tell me that this is about whether homosexuals should be able to come out of the closet. It is whether evangelicals will be permitted to extend the love of Christ to them when they do. Everybody is acting as though the question concerns whether open homosexuals can serve in the military. The real question is whether open evangelicals will be allowed to do so.
from Blog and Mablog 

Political Kabuki

The Sieve 2/3/10

Al Mohler's recent post regarding pornography and it's current availability...very good post. I've been trudging my way through the most recent Family Research Council's Research Synthesis on the effects of pornography on marriages, individuals, families, and communities. Mohler's post goes well with it. I'll link to both.

Hijacking the Brain — How Pornography Works

The recent post by The Foundary works through a new paper published by the journal Environmental Science & Technology regarding the consumer choices being effected by environmental policies. The specific choice covered in the article is regarding schools.

School Choice Bad for the Environment?

Ray Ortlund's quick post this morning is excellent regarding our perspective of others. Must Read!

Companions in a common misery

Obama is in serious trouble; stuck between the Pro-Life people foaming mad that his agenda pushed for healthcare reform that would force them to pay for abortions via tax money and the Reproductive Rights people foaming mad he didn't get it done. I could give you examples of seathing articles from both sides but I like this one the best. It's from the Pro-choice side of the isle.

""He can't make eye contact with abortion," an observation those of us in the reproductive justice movement can't help but agree with. His failure to stand up for the human rights of women -- and to trust us -- began to make me wonder about his commitment to those of us who were his core constituents and helped elect him. He's like the prom date I had last night who can't remember my name this morning." 
from RHRealityCheck.org 

Read the rest:

(VIDEO) Obama Can’t Make Eye Contact With Abortion Rights

This is a good article from The Foundary regarding the fight for Obama's health care reform. It maps out the procedural strategies and tactics of the Republicans and Democrats very well. It's a back and forth battle from super-majority (democrats) to filibuster (republicans) to nuclear option (democrats) to unlimited amendments (republicans). This outlines the progression!

Fighting the Nuclear Option

I thought this was the best title I've seen in a while...you can also read the article too. It's by the Family Research Council.

Obama's HOPE Is That He Gets All of Your CHANGE

I'll through this short one in...very good by Douglas Wilson!

Nostalgia Is Not An Eschatology

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sieve 1/20/09

Al Mohler Reverb
This is a new dedicated title in the Sieve for Al Mohler's Blog. I've never read his blog without profoundly walking away changed. Today is no different:

How Will They Hear Without a Preacher?

The Superbowl is Coming
Here are a couple good short post regarding the up coming media frenzy:

Enjoy Those 11 Minutes This Weekend

Football Player to Feature in Anti-choice Super Bowl Ad

A Great Private Enterprise
For those of you who enjoy firearms and all the cool stuff that goes along with it...you'll enjoy this article. Trijicon - Founded on Christian principles is under scrutiny!

Gunsights' biblical references concern US and UK forces

Raising Children
A blurb on the Ligonier site:

Evangelizing Our Children

All this talk about "RIGHTS"
Whether on news cast, blogs, legislation, or any other communicable platform the elevation of "rights" has become a force for pushing agendas along. Here is a good post from the Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile:

The Gospel, Love, and Rights

The new 2010 Index of Economic Freedom released recently by the Heritage Foundation is another huge nail in the coffin of the current government regime. Worth Reading!

Watch For Those Who Prey!

As a Christian I find it my joy to look out for those who find themselves victimized by evil aggressors. To be frank I couldn't, more so, wouldn't even want to stand up for victims if it wasn't for the decisive work of Christ in my life. Upon that truth I do everything possible to sound my pro-life trumpet to warn against men and woman who prey upon life. Well this evil has gone to a new level. In the wake of the Haiti Earthquake the Pro-Choice camp has been cranking up the fundraising machine. The "Gender-Responsive Aid" is the banner under which Feminist and Reproductive Health Organizations solicit funds. The rational for supporting these groups falls into some of these categories: #1 Limitation in accessing pre-natal and post-natal care. No kidding! It doesn't take a half a brain to know the infrastructure is totally GONE! There aren't any hospitals, homes, or buildings in general. #2 Violence against woman could increase. So are the feminist and pro-abortion people going to send a security force? Is that what they want funds for. It's unlikely and illegal...feminist vigilantes in the streets of Haiti. That's scary! It's only a hunch but I think the money will probably support "Medical Aid" in the form of "reproductive rights"...i.e. abortions. Whether in Haiti or the U.S. the agenda is always the same!

Read More from the Femisnist Peace Network:

January 15, 2010

Read More from the Family Research Council:

Amidst the Rubble, Planned Parenthood Looks Out for Itself

And if you can stomach it, more from the Family Research Council:

Will Haiti Be Planned Parenthood’s Latest Cash Cow?

Swing....and aaaaaaaaaa MISS!

To NOT have a post today regarding the Senate race in Massachusetts you would have to chain me to my bedpost and listen to my incessant screaming for 24 hours. It's probably impossible! I woke up this morning singing at the top of my lungs an off pitch, multiple key hybrid combination of the Hallalujah Chorus and the Doxology. It scared my son!

I can sum up my sentiments of obama-tics with a baseball metaphor. Obama's decision to make sweeping reform based on far leftist principles is the equivalent of a baseball player swinging for the fences. Knowing that a base hit will further steady progress, he decides to up-the-stakes. Swinging for the fences, in one foul swoop, could perpetuate the team into an instant win and depending on the circumstance...into the hall of fame. Conversely, a miss could be devastating. In the case of the Democrats it is the beginning of the end. From health care to majorities in the house and senate the ramifications will be huge. The decision to push through the desires of the American people has bitten Obama and teammates in the proverbial ass! Unlike the dog that sends a warning bite...the american people will see their backsides as a giant raw pot roast and we've been forced to hunger after founding principles of this great republic! Children...look away...it's not going to be pretty! Swing...and aaaaaaaaaaaaa Miss!

We don't deserve news and the deliverance from this legislation, but God has bestowed it upon us anyway. This is the very reason I celebrate!

A few good reads regarding this post:

Of All Places - Blog and Mablog

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Helsel on Driscoll

A local pastor blogging on a Mark Driscoll Sermon regarding repentance and baptism!

Part 1 installment summary - true religion, false religion, non-religion, and religion.

Listen to Driscoll's Sermon:
Part 11: Repentance and Baptism

Helsel's Blog Post:

Critique of Driscoll Sermon: Part I


The Sieve 1/19/10

Here is good info regarding missions from THE GOSPEL COALITION. Here is a taste of the article:

They should also cause us to consider the sacrifice that will be necessary to reach Muslim countries with the gospel. Muslim nations have the fewest Christians and the most persecution.  For example, eight out of the top ten countries on Open Doors’ World Watch List are Muslim nations.
The kind of Christian who gets offended when a clerk at Target says “happy holidays” rather than “merry Christmas” when checking out, probably won’t consider moving to a city where Christians are gunned down on Christmas Eve or shot at a wedding. Yet that is exactly what needs to happen.
Read the rest here:

Doing Missions When Dying Is a Distinct Possibility

The general public will be marching with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign today. This march for awareness...It's estimated that 25,000 woman each year have an abortion in Washington State!

Read the rest here:

Silent No More Set to March

Thank GOD for the home school movement...it's literally the salvation to redeeming education for our children. Sorry for those of you who are public school teachers you are fighting against all odds to educate children. You won't get my child!

Read this regarding head start program:

Head Start: A $150 Billion Failure

Also Obama's RACE TO THE TOP program! Major tax money in the form of grants for those states willing to make major change to their school systems. 30 states will sell their souls to this program. Texas, the largest opponent to the program, turns down millions of dollars to keep the feds from mucking around with their curriculum. I can hear the country song in my head right now...God bless Texas with his own hand!

Read this from the Washington Post:

Obama to seek $1.35 billion more for Race to the Top program

Read this from THE FOUNDARY:

Why Texas Skipped the “Race to the Top”

Today's a big news day include the race for the Massachusetts Senate seat. This could lead to the destruction of the filibuster proof majority the democrats enjoy at this moment. This definitely could throw a monkey wrench in the health care situation for the demon-crats. 

Read this from the Associated Press via Yahoo News:

Coakley, Brown cast votes in closely-watched race

From Ortlund Jr. Blog...A tribute to Richard Baxter via J.I. Packer. Very short and good!

Read here: 

He made Christianity attractive

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sieve 1/18/10

This coming weeks work for the House and Senate:

The House and Senate Cloakrooms: Jan. 19 – 24

This also from THE FOUNDARY welfare!

Government Welfare: Cell Phones for the Poor

Finally a couple of good words from Doug Wilson on politics.

A Conservative What?

Whatever You Do, Don't Reify Nothing

More regarding Obama's promises...can anyone blow as much hot air up someones skirt more than HE!

Good post on Justin Taylor's site on the work place. 

The Only Christian Work Is Good Work Done Well unto God

Again Doug Wilson on how we worship in song. Intentionality, Intentionality, Intentionality!

The Heart and Musical Vocabulary

Tim Challies writes some weighty quotes regarding how we listen the God's Word on the Lord's Day.

The Responsibility to Listen

I often keep track of the environmental seen via blogs and websites. It is one the easiest exercises of discernment to see that the cause is more than a cause but a religion and its supporters those who are followers of that religion. Al Mohler once again says it better than most on the Gospel Coalition site.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sanctity of Life...Do You Know What You're Up Against? Do You Care? Part 4


Currently the Pro-Choice movement, under the doctrine of political correctness, has shifted it's banner to "Reproductive Rights" While pro-choice is broad, ambiguious, and selfishly individualistic "reproductive rights" has given the movement a banner in which to say in a more specific way that their is no choice on this topic...it's a "right" and we as a collection of individuals are entitled to it, End Of Story! While the movement has focused in on it's priniciples it has allowed individuals to become blended into a larger collective and individual responsibility and consequences dissappear into this collective. It's "we" not "me"! It's easier to live with the consequences and responsibility (or lack there of) in a collective type unit. I guess that is true with any movement that does not have accountability on an individual level. Part of this "Reproductive Rights" movement involves a group that you wouldn't normally see in the headlines because of it's marginalized nature. While this movement is not new it has gained legitimacy inside the "reporductive rights" movement. The movement is a collective of sex workers! While I am not apposed to helping sex workers in the name of Christ with the intent purpose of seeing a redemptive work in their life I just don't give any credence to the principles in this movement if that's not obvious by now. The alarming thing is many do! The following is a post by Audacia Ray's blog on RHRealityCheck.org. Audacia Ray is a professor of sexuality at Rutgers University, author of Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads, and Cashing in on Internet Sexploration, and a U.S. advocate for sex workers rights. Audacia's post is an account of her trip to see what the movement was like in India. Here is a quote and then a link to the post...it's a great read!
Today, one of the organization’s largest projects is a collective of 5,000 sex workers that manages a peer HIV prevention education and condom distribution program in Sangli. This collective also advocates to ensure equal access to health services and end violence and discrimination against sex workers. While many organizations train and bring in people from outside the community to help and support people in need (the social work model), SANGRAM operates under the principle that the only way to empower people is to provide them with the tools they need to claim their rights and facilitate change.

Article: Neither Victims Nor Voiceless: Sex Workers Speaking for Themselves (VIDEO)

Other Articles about Sex Workers Rights:
What is virginity worth today?
Love, Sex, and Governor Sanford